ali hord

Alison has served the southern California area for the last nine years as a mentor and spiritual advisor, certified life coach, completed school for drug and alcohol counseling, actively perused a continuum of education for both counseling and life coaching, case manager, creative writer for many years and was gifted the opportunity to publish "Fly Above the Fire" in 2016. Alison transitioned into the alternative healing community becoming a certified Breathwork guide in 2017. Alison is a seer, a knower, and an intuitive who has been able to strengthen upon and fine tune her gifts with her own personal favorite self-explorative practices - Breathwork, Reiki, yoga, eating for overall wellness and balancing energy centers, writing, being of service to the community, and the great outdoors.

Ali joins us in the mornings to help with all things ONE as she persues a certification in massage therapy. She will be partnering to offer our FLOW AND GLOW Series this September. Our very own Renaissance woman.