amanda mccabe

Since 2001, Amanda has enjoyed sharing her passion for healthy, beautiful skin with the Richmond area. Her interest in skincare began at a young age when she began to suffer from debilitating acne. Since then, she has been committed to educating herself and others about ways to improve the health of the skin with a progressive treatment approach and a nurturing touch. Amanda’s results driven treatments help to heal the skin at a cellular level, reduce the signs of accelerated aging and restore your natural glow.

Our skin is our largest organ and must be protected and treated with the utmost of care.  Amanda believes “skin care is health care”, and with every treatment received and every product used, we are making a lifetime investment in the health of our body as a whole. With her extensive training in organic, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical skin care treatments and product lines, Amanda skillfully blends both holistic and clinical approaches to each of her skin therapy sessions.


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