Find Your Center


What would happen if you could find your center under one roof? A place where the physical, emotional, and transcendental elements of your life would be unconditionally nourished? ONE Wellness is that center, and on October 28th your new journey can start.

ONE is the outgrowth of owner Elizabeth Krusen’s personal path to a mindful life. Elizabeth’s exploration of Richmond VA’s holistic offerings led her to the creation of a simple purpose: to provide the widest range of instruction, services, and opportunities in a serene environment. Centrally situated at 4110 Fitzhugh Avenue in a newly renovated modernist building, the center offers classes, services, and workshops seven days a week. An expert team has been curated by Elizabeth to support and balance your life, all with the goal of mindfulness at the core of these practices.

ONE’s light filled studio accommodates 30 - 70 people depending on the activity. Meditation, as well as mindful based fitness classes that combine yoga, core-strengthening, dance, and martial arts are just some of the available options. Elizabeth’s desire for unique instruction also led her to include NIA, Falun Gong, MELT and special classes for children and teens. Personalized services based on your individual needs...holistic skincare, restorative bodywork, and healing guidance…are offered in three peaceful rooms. Rounding out the calendar are life-balancing workshops that will elevate the relationships we have with ourselves and the world.

The ONE Wellness team is diverse, skilled, and here to expand all of your possibilities. The peaceful spaces have been designed with joyful intention and are here to be shared with you. Walk down this new path with us and find your center at ONE.