Mindful Moment: Elizabeth Krusen, ONE Wellness Founder

Elizabeth Mindful Moment 4.jpg

#MindfulMoment is an opportunity to learn more about the ONE Wellness team and how mindfulness guides their practice.

I started taking a more mindful approach to life over four years ago when I made the decision to stop drinking and start meditating. I struggled with perfectionism, anxiety and addiction, and attempted to cope in both healthy and unhealthy ways including diet, exercise, therapy and medication. However, it was not until I found meditation that I was able to experience lasting peace. My demons did not disappear but my relationship with them shifted: instead of outward metrics of self worth, I was able to turn inward and shift the dialogue from one of judgment and criticism to one of compassion and love.

Being mindful is first about developing awareness of the habits of the mind, and second about consciously cultivating new thought patterns. These new thought patterns align with your authentic self rather than the false self, the self that we create based on what other people think of us, societal influences, our conditioned reality. In fact, I think of mindfulness as a process of de-conditioning to re-condition. Oftentimes we are unaware of the role that our DNA, past experiences, temperament and society play in our perception of reality. Mindfulness practice is about developing awareness so that we can identify when our thought patterns are skewed; it is about cultivating self compassion and self knowledge so that we can re-write the stories of the mind based on our personal truths. We are then able to align our thoughts and actions with our authentic selves and lead a mindful life: one of peace and overall wellbeing.

ONE Wellness is an outgrowth of my personal journey of transformation. It is my intention to bring under one roof, in a serene and inclusive atmosphere, the broadest range of classes, services and experiences to balance the mind, body and spirit. It is my hope that everyone can find their personal portal to a more mindful life.