Mindful Moment: J Miles, Yoga Instructor


#MindfulMoment is an opportunity to learn more about the ONE Wellness team and how mindfulness guides their practice.

I became more mindful when I realized that I alone am responsible for my salvation. It’s up to me whether I affect the world positively or negatively. And that I’ll have to account for my contributions either way at the end. To me, mindfulness means paying attention to everything as it’s happening – being aware of your surroundings, paying attention to detail and watching your tongue – being aware of how you present yourself to the world. Not missing out on small joy. 

I was inspired by the ONE Wellness vision, as well as the opportunity for expansion of my yoga service. Through my classes, I try to cater the practice to individuals, even though we are in a group class. Each person is different, shaped differently, different levels of mobility, different levels of experience, different levels of motivation. My job is to give them a sustainable practice that they can always go back to. Individuals should feel accomplished after practice, energized, tired, happy, pooped. All of the senses should be active and their steps should be lighter!! I want people to feel like they can do anything after taking my class.