Breathwork- Your Intuitive Healer Article by: Alison Hord

The breath- it is the beginning, the middle, and the end. A baby is born- it’s first gasp of air surges from the stomach, full and rich. Over the course of this big and abundant life we’re living, the breath starts to shallow. Deep belly breathing was left in childhood. Our first experience with pain sends a disruptive shock to our bodies, ultimately leaving us tense, overwhelmed, anxious, abandoning the breath. Oxygen is what grants us the privilege to remain in this lifetime and it’s VITAL. In all aspects of life, oxygen is the basis for healing, replenishment, recovery, and progress. Here are a few good reasons why developing a personal relationship with the breath will benefit YOU:


•Slowing down- this gives us the opportunity to come back into a partnership with our breath. Conscious and controlled breathing is the ultimate life force. When we take the time to gain conscious control of our breathing, this becomes a mindfulness practice. And when we become mindful, we become aware. Notice how when you’re rushing in the morning, you disengage with your breath, and can’t find your car keys, how the lack of oxygen sends physical and emotional messages of panic creating lack of focus, disorientation, irritability, frustration, and the end result is being wayyyy too hard on ourselves. How interesting that the solution to most of our troubles is slowing down- and the catalyst to slowing down is the BREATH.


•Disease cannot survive in a highly oxygenated space. Neither can DIS-EASE (discomfort, overwhelm, anxiety, racing thoughts). Disease suffocates when oxygen is present. The physical benefit to intentional, deep, breathing, acts as a vacuum through the physical body, wiping out any intrusive energies such as illness, cancers, autoimmune disease, and more.


•Craving reduction- This has the ability to avert your deep desire to self sabotage, self medicate, running away, and numb out. Deeper breathing with the intention of releasing the need for external validation brings us back to a space of empowerment and in turn back to our center- feeling grounding, and going inward for answers instead of outward.


•An emotional detox- the mind forgets, but the body doesn’t. Over the course of a lifetime, a calcification buildup forms around our heart space, making it not only incredibly hard to breathe in and through that space, but has experienced a high volume of pain (loss, heartbreak, grief, betrayal). The body communicates with us saying this is almost too much to bare. How do we get the heart to say “access granted” once again? Talk therapy is incredible, our support systems have been super beneficial, but the breath is our guide. A very intensive form of Pranayama through the mouth, a 2 part breath, acts as a cleansing, intuitive, purification system through these calcified spaces, leaving our muscle memory thanking us for no longer being on overload. When we clear space within, we start to see the world and ourselves with clear vision- oh what a true joy it is to have fresh perspective and clarity arrive! PHEW. Much needed.


Our breath brings us back into alignment mentally, emotionally, and physically. And as a result of this hydrating life force replenisher, it strengthens our relationship with ourselves, which is the most important one of all. Committing to the breath is committing to you. Welcome home.