Mindful Moment: Andrew Stakem, Strength Training Instructor


#MindfulMoment is an opportunity to learn more about the ONE Wellness team and how mindfulness guides their practice.

My interest in health started when I was a senior in college and I started experiencing some symptoms of malnutrition, more than likely due to the fun times, parties and a lack of self-awareness. One day, I was home on break spending the night at my brother's house and had a hard time falling asleep. I asked him if he had a book I could read, which usually would put me to sleep after 20-30 minutes. After reading a paragraph, I was sucked in and didn't want to the put the book down. Titled “The Primal Blueprint,” I was immediately immersed in a whole new world of health.

Since that day nearly nine years ago, I have been on a quest to help others figure out why the seemingly mysterious illnesses frequently present themselves in today's human society. The human body is absolutely fascinating in what it can accomplish, yet life is relatively simple. Mindfulness to me is recognizing that as a human we tend to make it complicated and are constantly overwhelmed with stressful situations that in reality, shouldn't be stressful. The whole idea of "work" has always been an interesting one to me - waking up and going to "work" seems like a foreign concept, because life isn't about work. Life is far too fragile for someone like me to wake up and go to "work" every day.

When I work with my clients, I like to help them explore their mind and body and teach self-awareness so that they too can have a better understanding of their inner workings. The human body is a living machine that must be taken care of at any given time. By not living in the moment, you are guaranteed to miss what your body is communicating to you. All of my clients will walk away with a better understanding of what is actually going on inside their mind and body, so they can understand who they truly are as a person. My approach is a bit unconventional, but I firmly believe that thinking outside the box is what will help people regain their health and live the life that they've been wanting to live. I encourage those that feel stuck and don't know what to do to come to one of my ONE Wellness classes to learn more on how the body works.