Mindful Moment: Nadine Dorrington, Yoga & Meditation Instructor


#MindfulMoment is an opportunity to learn more about the ONE Wellness team and how mindfulness guides their practice.

When I was about 17 I read Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hahn and Be Here Now by Ram Dass. These books were exactly the sustenance I craved to make sense of my confusing teenage existence. I am thankful that they led me to yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and shifted my world view at a young age.

Mindfulness is the pause between stimuli and response which allows you to choose; it's the quality of spaciousness that you infuse into any given situation which allows you to formulate an appropriate reaction or simply become non-reactive. Mindfulness is the fullness found in everyday experience when the mind is no longer in control of your experience of the present moment. In meditation you observe, become intimate with, and demystify the thought processes which bind you. In yoga asana practice, one-pointed attention is cultivated by dedicating your awareness to the important work of the body and breath in the present moment. Through observing and experiencing the mind-body on a consistent basis, we encounter our human-ness through the fleeting emotions of pride, pleasure, disappointment, striving, injury, and elation. The practices experienced on the cushion or the mat reflect these same themes experienced in the macrocosm of our daily lives. Mindfulness practices are the mirror which reflect the reality of who we are and provide us the tools by which to move closer to our true nature.

Elizabeth's mission of authenticity attracted me to ONE Wellness. I’m interested in the deeper benefits of yoga practice as it relates to meditation and cultivating one-pointed awareness. Handstands are all in good fun, but you can learn just as much - maybe more - about yoga by exploring a basic undulation from Cat pose into Cow pose. I feel as though I can teach yoga at ONE Wellness without compromising the essence of yoga as a mindfulness practice and tool which cultivates self-awareness.

My classes are advanced in their simplicity. I want every person who participates to experience an "A-ha!" moment on their mat which challenges their previous notion of how they thought the posture "should" be and at the same time creates a greater sense of ease. I want each participant to take something away from my class that they can use outside my class to make life richer. I hope people with feel free to be where they are in their yoga practice and more importantly - in their LIFE - without judgment, feelings of inadequacy, or fear.  

Come try a vinyasa class with me on Monday or Wednesday at 9:30 am. If you are a beginner, you'll be given a solid framework to build upon. If you are an experienced practitioner, prepare to encounter a fresh perspective on alignment, transitions, and pranayama.  

Interested in meditation but unsure about sitting for long periods of time? Please join me on Fridays at 12:15 pm for Mindful Movement and Meditation. We begin with an hour of yoga asana practice and conclude with a short reading, instructions on Shamatha meditation, and a 10-minute totally accessible seated meditation practice.