Mindful Moment: Pauline Stephens, Group Fitness & Meditation Instructor

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#MindfulMoment is an opportunity to learn more about the ONE Wellness team and how mindfulness guides their practice.

When your unhealthy habits are insignificant in comparison to your deep desire to be mentally, spiritually and physically healthy, I believe you are practicing mindfulness. It is a knowing that you are worthy of a heathy lifestyle and in believing so, you understand that practicing meditation, yoga and healthy eating is required on a daily basis.  

One year, after a lot of contemplation, I decided to disconnect myself from the egotistic environments that I was surrounded by and took a year-long sabbatical. My vision of success was shifting. I was exhausted, resentful and lost motivation. I was exhausted by the materialism I was accustomed to, resentful because I knew I needed self-care but didn't carve out time for myself; and I lost motivation because my broken spirit needed quality time to reset and find purpose. During this time I was prepared to give up everything I had. I put some projects on hold and gave away some personal items that I no longer used. I was seeking to be more of a minimalist. I joined a wellness center and participated in indoor cycle, barre and yoga classes five times a week. I also developed a mindful eating habit which I didn't initially intend on doing at the time. I began to eat all plant foods, most often in a quiet place by myself. What once was rushed meals, became uninterrupted and satisfying. These changes that I made helped me get closer to where I am today. Today, I approach everything I do with a determined purpose. I meditate before making decisions and I go within to seek clarification on whether what I do is getting me steps closer to fulfilling my life's purpose. This journey of becoming more mindful has fueled a passion in me to help others, and I’m very grateful to be in the position in a field with others who have the same drive to help others achieve total wellness.  

In stumbling upon ONE Wellness' Instagram page, I decided to visit the website and was really intrigued about the class offerings. There is something for everyone whether they are beginner or advanced. After a meeting one day, I realized that I was close to the studio and decided to pop in to view the space. I immediately was greeted and given a tour by a warm spirit at the front desk, whose positive demeanor made me really like the already beautifully designed space. I also felt peaceful when I first visited and really felt connected and inspired.

I joined the ONE instructor team soon thereafter, offering meditation and high intensity interval classes. My classes tend to be different because I incorporate elements of yoga and mindfulness at some point during any high intensity workout. And for my more mindful classes such as meditation, I encourage everyone to tap in to their natural given power.