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ella kay

Ella Kay is a professional Skin Care Therapist who possesses the highest level of expertise. She graduated from the Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics and is a licensed Master Esthetician in Virginia, one of only five states with this highest tier of training requirements. 

Additionally, Ella Kay earned a Postgraduate Certificate of Achievement from The International Dermal Institute in Washington, D.C. Considered the industry’s gold standard in education, she is aligned with an exclusive group of graduates dedicated to excellence in professional skin care and body therapy.

Ella Kay is also a Reiki Master or, as she prefers to say, has a little background in Reiki. She was given Level I&II attunements through International Center for Reiki Training in Usui/Holy Fire Reiki which combines the Western system with the more refined, high-frequency Holy Fire energies.

Science has discovered so much in just the last few years about the biological triggers and biochemical reactions in the skin. Clean cosmeceutical ingredients coupled with advanced techniques and machinery can absolutely slow, halt, and even reverse conditions affecting the skin’s health and appearance.

Ella Kay would be honored to develop a bespoke treatment plan with regenerative prescriptions & technologies to positively impact your skin. After all, the skin is the human body’s largest organ.