workshops & series


3-Week Series: Learn to Meditate

with Deborah Woodward

3 weeks | Sundays, April 8 – April 22 4:00PM – 6:00PM | $90

This workshop is perfect for people new to the practice of meditation. Go beyond your busy, noisy mind to experience the steadfast calm, ease and clarity of your own being, your own essential nature—who you really are! Feel yourself moving in the flow and grace of life. Gain an understanding of what meditation is, plus reliable tools and techniques to begin to meditate, or to deepen your meditation practice.


Intro to Functional Medicine

with Tressa Breindel

Saturday, April 28 1:00PM–3:00PM | $30

Learn how to treat your body’s ailments by identifying and understanding the root of each problem rather than immediately turning to medication. 3000+ hour certified functional medicine practitioner Tressa Breindel will show us how this systems-oriented medical approach can be used to combat a variety of problems including autoimmune diseases, digestive problems, depression and insomnia.

3-Week Series Meditation: Mindfulness for High Schoolers

with Elizabeth Krusen

3 weeks | Sundays, May 6 – May 20 4:00PM–5:30PM | $100

This class offers a welcoming and safe space to empower high schoolers. Each class will build on the previous one so that by the end of the series, students will be equipped with practical and concrete strategies to navigate the challenges of high school and tools to incorporate mindfulness into life beyond the classroom. There will be specific focus on managing social media and constant connectivity as well as stress in light of increasing academic and extracurricular demands. With mindfulness training, students will learn to anchor the mind to the present moment, and the heart to view the present moment without judgment; to cultivate not only attention and awareness, but also compassion and loving kindness, towards themselves and others. Participants will experience a myriad of benefits including decreased anxiety, increased focus, improved health and overall sense of peace and wellbeing. Students are encouraged to bring a journal to deepen their practice.

Chatauranaga Workshop

with Parham Neal-Pishko

 Saturday, June 9 3:30–5:30 PM | $40

Learn how to find your "flow" and your yogi pushup in proper form. By developing your Chaturanga, you will find ease in your yoga practice and prevent any future injuries.

Mindful Parenting Workshop

with Marshie Boswell

 Wednesday, June 27 5:30–7:30 PM | $60 per person

You’ve been working on implementing mindfulness into your life but what about with your children? Learn about what mindful parenting means and how we can implement it into our daily interactions with our children in a meaningful but seamless way. We will break down the components of mindful parenting and discuss real life parenting struggles and their mindful solutions. Walk away with an array of practical applications to mold your children into mindful beings from the start.

Please note: This workshop is for adults only.


group sessions

Looking to bring mindfulness to your family, team, school or company? ONE Wellness can customize private sessions to meet your needs. Contact Elizabeth at to inquire about private sessions.