heather mccroskey

“Fashioned in a tutu from an early age, with dance I would lose myself—now with yoga, I find myself. My initial yoga experience was pure curiosity.” By trying various styles and studios, Heather gained her appreciation for Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Mindfulness, and Yin Yoga. While living in Austin, TX, she earned two 200-hour Hatha/Vinyasa certifications, created yoga programs for music festivals, and connected the community through social cycling rides and outdoor classes. Now as an RVA instructor, she aspires to share, connect, and practice with attention to ahisma, creativity, and curiosity. She encourages modifications and loves prop use. Her classes mix a comfortable, fun environment while drawing attention to mindful movement and alignment.Yoga creates relief for injury and muscle tightness while meditation decreases stress in our emotional bodies. By sharing a communal practice space we invoke curative accountability, together we are our own healers.

Off the mat:

Besides being a bookworm, Heather enjoys learning from people, drawing together community, all while gaining new experiences. Traveling is a must and laughter often. Heather is currently in VCU’s graduate program from Environmental Science.