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Heather Umberger gently rolls a long dandelion stem between her fingers and watches the seeds fall and get swept away by a steady breeze. She sees the dandelion, full of seeds and dreams, as a metaphor for unlimited possibility. “I believe our lives are like dandelions,” explains Heather. “We can give birth to our life in any moment and any situation. It just depends on our perspective and intent.” For over 25 years, she has put this philosophy into action while educating, coaching, and sharing bodywork with others. Heather, who holds a B.S. in psychology and an M.S. in rehabilitation counseling, has accumulated over 10,000 hours of individual sessions using powerful mind/body methods. As an integrative wellness practitioner, Heather skillfully guides her clients through informed conscious touch, mind/body tools, laughter yoga, and movement approaches that empower all aspects of life. Her clients regularly meet their personal goals, such as increased health and wellness, fertility, creativity empowerment, and greater mastery in all aspects of life and relationships. She draws on advanced bodywork methods such as trigger point, myofascial release, cranialsacral, lymphatic, Ortho-Bionomy, Trager, Berry Method, Integrative Reflexology, Laughter Yoga, the MELT Method, and other energetic approaches. In addition, she is a certified facilitator of PSYCH-K, which helps individuals change limiting belief patterns, and a Nia Black Belt teacher. Heather believes anything is possible, and that joy and pleasure are birthrights.


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