joy black

Joy Black is a practitioner of both Medical Qigong and Energy Work (Reiki master, Healing Touch practitioner), and is a certified Healing Tao Qigong instructor. Retired from a lengthy career in communications art and design, she enjoys bringing creativity into her classes, workshops, and treatments.

Joy supports movement toward wellness and healing through Medical Qigong treatments for a variety of conditions caused by stress and emotional buildup, organ weakness, low energy, and mind-body imbalance. She uses Chinese medicine protocols during Medical Qigong treatments, including five-element principles, powerful mind-body connections, and the clearing, balancing, and rebuilding of a patient’s energetic flows to enhance organ health. She has a special focus on Chi Nei Tsang, or energy of inner organs, which especially helps difficulty with digestion, sleep, and emotions (grief, anger, worry, fear, impatience, etc.). Her Reiki and Healing Touch treatments utilize a light touch on the body and in the surrounding energy field to bring about deep relaxation and overall energetic balancing. All therapies bring the client’s body, mind, and spirit into a deep relaxation, where the body’s own self-healing wisdom can begin to step in.

Joy received her Medical Qigong therapist certification from Three Treasures Healing (affiliated with Jerry Alan Johnson’s International Institute of Medical Qigong) and her Healing Tao instructor certification from Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao program. 

Prior to becoming a Medical Qigong therapist, Joy worked for 40 years in the high-stress world of advertising and corporate communications. “Sure, some of the stresses were exciting challenges, but my body didn’t know the difference,” explains Joy. “I understand what stress can do to your body, mind, and spirit – to your heart, brain, liver, adrenals. Your sleep, energy level, back, neck, and joints. Your morale, attitude, mental and emotional self.” Qigong – the practice of working with the energetic life-force found in all living things, including ourselves – was the healing key for Joy. Reiki and Healing Touch helped as well. “I have studied natural healing practices for nearly 15 years, traveled to China and Thailand to study more, and transformed my own life in a call to minister to others,” she says. “The holistic practices that I offer are the same ones that have given me new life – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I am honored to share them.”


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