julia bardrof

Julia’s love of movement and healing arts began the day she began gymnastics at age five. Growing up in Montpelier, Vermont instilled her deep love of nature that continues to be an important part of her daily life. In 2001 she moved to Richmond, VA to complete a Bachelors in Health and Exercise Science from Virginia Commonwealth University and to be closer to her sisters. Julia lives with a rare genetic tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. EDS has given her a lifelong of experience managing pain, recovering from injury and tending to mental and emotional side effects of chronic pain. “I am grateful to have been on a career path to set me up to learn to naturally heal and balance myself so I may help others on their wellness journey.” Julia’s career began as a gymnastics coach, personal trainer, sports performance and recovery specialist, health coach, and physical therapy tech before becoming a business owner. She started F.I.T. Richmond- a personal and group fitness gym in RVA. “After 7 years I decided to close doors to focus on self-care and clarify my visions. After being diagnosed with EDS in my 30’s I began to have hope. I began arming myself with all the natural healing tools I could.” Julia completed her 200 hour Yoga teacher training with Om On Yoga, then deepened her practice with Thai Bodywork and Reiki with Woven Body Healing Arts. “I’ve been 75 pounds heavier, completely out of balance, and in incredible pain to today: I feel healthier and more balanced than ever. I am honored to be able to study, practice, and experience this work to help ease suffering and create more efficient bodies to flow through life in.”