millie cain

As a child, Millie Cain would lie on her back and face the sky as she watched the clouds slowly pass. Even at a young age, she knew she was one with her surroundings. She recalls an overwhelming feeling of “Yes!” Since that time, Millie’s insatiable curiosity about life has continued to grow. “This hunger has led me down many paths,” explains Millie. “The most profound discovery has been the practice of silence or meditation. Silent practice allowed me to drop beneath the thinking mind to the ground of being.” Today her transformative mediation practice serves as a highly beneficial alternative to traditional methods of conflict resolution. Her supportive and nonjudgmental process offers a space in which she works with others to look directly at the situation and use the emotions that arise – anger, fear, and hurt – to clarify and reconnect to a person’s deepest values, strength, and integrity. “Through connecting with our true self, we can access the situation and discern what feels harmonious. I never cease to be amazed at the beauty that emerges when we approach conflict in this way.”