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Monica Rao’s journey of self-discovery began in 2010 with a profound near-death, out-of-body experience that led to what she calls the “new me.” Without warning, she experienced a  rapid decline in health that sent her to the ICU for two weeks. She was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition that damages the body with multi-organ failure. The experience was a precursor to years of healing, creativity, and rebirth. 

As a life-long meditator, her long recovery period provided time for some much-needed self-reflection and spiritual healing. It was during this time that Monica reconnected with her higher self and she found her way back to her “first love” and truest passion – art. Growing up in a family of artists and musicians, Monica excelled at all forms of creativity as a child. She was trained in commercial art in India and earned another art degree and a master’s degree in the U.S. Despite her desire to create, Monica launched a successful corporate career as a faculty member in international education and in the technology sector. After her near-death experience, however, Monica immersed herself in her true calling and launched Graphoria Inc. (graph from graphics and phoria from euphoria). 

Before she paints, Monica always meditates. Her work, which is abstract and intuitive, integrates what she learned as a child in India. “The subject of the artwork is spiritual or meditative, as I am in this state when I paint,” explains Monica. “Much of it mirrors the beautiful experiences from my out-of-body experience, which drew me toward a magnificent white light and cocooned me in a warm embrace that showed me unconditional love and eternal peace. It showed me that I was a part of the universe – I was a part of full and united consciousness.”

Monica sees her journey as ongoing and unfinished. Reconnecting to her truest self includes her commitment to art, but also a commitment to the service of humanity. Today, Monica works to spread the understanding of how meditation and art create therapeutic healing for the soul while balancing the mind, body, and spirit.


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