Ella Kay is a professional Skin Care Therapist who possesses the highest level of expertise. She graduated from the Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics and is a licensed Master Esthetician in Virginia, one of only five states with this highest tier of training requirements. 

Additionally, Ella Kay earned a Postgraduate Certificate of Achievement from The International Dermal Institute in Washington, D.C. Considered the industry’s gold standard in education, she is aligned with an exclusive group of graduates dedicated to excellence in professional skin care and body therapy.

Ella Kay is also a Reiki Master or, as she prefers to say, has a little background in Reiki. She was given Level I&II attunements through International Center for Reiki Training in Usui/Holy Fire Reiki which combines the Western system with the more refined, high-frequency Holy Fire energies.

Science has discovered so much in just the last few years about the biological triggers and biochemical reactions in the skin. Clean cosmeceutical ingredients coupled with advanced techniques and machinery can absolutely slow, halt, and even reverse conditions affecting the skin’s health and appearance.




Facial Treatments

Our Skin Care Therapist will customize all skin care treatments based on your individual skincare needs, including use of premium skincare products and targeted skincare technology.

Essential Facial
60 min |$120 non-members, $96 members

Premium Facial
90 min | $160 non-members, $128 members

Signature Facial
120 min | $200 non-members, $160 members

Your personalized skin treatments include the face, neck, and décolletage, as well massage rituals such as Advanced Facial, Ayurveda Scalp, Neck & Shoulder, Reflex Point Feet or Hands, and Chinese Acupressure.

NEW: Teen Clean Facial
30 min | $60 non-members, $48 members

This treatment is perfect for jump starting a home regime program and the perfect maintenance for a lifetime of consistently clear skin.

NEW: Teen Solution Facial
60 min | $120 non-members, $96 members

This deep cleansing, purifying treatment helps clear away blackheads and stubborn bumps beneath the skin surface. Banishing future breakouts!

Targeted Technology

45 min | $90 non-members, $72 members

Using the patented DiamondTome™ wand, the treatment is a safe, therapeutic approach to smoother, more youthful skin. Non-invasive, pain-free and requires no down time. 



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Thai Yoga bodywork

In this completely passive healing session, the practitioner uses her palms, elbows, knees, and feet to compress muscles, stimulate acupressure points, and gently stretch the body allowing it to relax, open, and literally decompress. The Thai method traces and clears energetic pathways which cover all muscle groups and organs, refreshing the major body systems. Called the Moving Meditation, this intricate, fluid, and intuitive cleansing series, promotes deep relaxation within the body and stillness within the mind while alleviating all types of ailments and injuries, leaving you feeling calm and centered. Thai bodywork is practiced fully clothed on a thick comfortable mat for total ease of the client..




Initial Thai Bodywork
120 minutes | $190 non-members, $152 members

90 Minute Thai Yoga Bodywork
90 minutes |$145 non-members, $116 members

60 Minute Thai Yoga Bodywork
60 minutes |$100 non-members, $80 members

Bodywork Tune-Up
30 minutes |$50 non-members, $40 members

*Clients must first book an Initial Thai Bodywork session before booking Thai Yoga Bodywork sessions or Bodywork Tune-Up.




Nellie Blair is a licensed massage therapist with a passion for wellness and self-care. She first received her massage training in 2003 at the American Institute of Massage (now the Lotus School of Integrated Professions). Prior to her massage licensure, Nellie earned a BA in psychology and art from The College of William & Mary in 2000.

Nellie is dedicated to yoga and meditation and uses these grounding practices to tune in to her clients’ needs. She discovered kundalini yoga in 2015 and believes this powerful practice is transforming her life, allowing her to access her most authentic self.

Massage therapy allows Nellie to draw upon her education in psychology and experience in yoga and meditation to create a healing experience for each client. Calling upon her intuition to guide each session, Nellie believes there is a sacred exchange between therapist and client, in which both parties trust and communicate, in both verbal and nonverbal ways.

Nellie tailors each massage session to meet the needs of her client. Her therapeutic focus includes Swedish, relaxation, and hot stone massage.





Each massage is customized to fit the needs of the client. In order to best serve you, we offer customized massage in three possible time increments:

60 min
$100 non-members| $80 members

90 min
$145 non-members | $116 members

120 min
$190 non-members | $152 members

Hot Stone Massage
90 minutes |$160 non-members, $128 members


CBD Massage Oil
$10 non-members, $8 memberss