Series: 2 Week Energy Health

with Robert Siegel | Thursdays Dec. 14th - Dec. 21st 7:00PM - 8:00PM | $80


If you are intrigued about “energy”, this series of classes will fascinate you! Integrating ancient wisdom with cutting-edge sciences, this training provides rare energetic tools, techniques, understandings and applications that together provide an essential foundation to accelerate healthy energetic growth. This training is progressive and experiential. You will learn to activate energy, feel energy, develop and integrate energy throughout the full energy spectrum. We’ll explore several topics from an energy perspective, like: True Self, life force, energetic field, body wisdom, perception, healing and how to energize events.

Key tools originate from these wisdom traditions via my personal trainings with the lineage holders, from THE STRESS FIX and from other unnamed sources:
■ The Little Sun System
■ Source Qigong (five levels)
■ Chinese Longevity Breathing
■ Native American Spirituality (Path of the Raven)
■ Tree of Life (Energetic Blueprint Rejuvenation)

Angela R. Prado