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Flow and Glow Series:

Earth, Water, Fire, Air

Inspired by and sequenced around the four elements, these 4 yoga and breath work classes will take you on a journey through your body and beyond using asana (postures) first and then prana (breath) with @goldenpranabreathwork to illuminate and set you free.

Meet us on Saturdays in September from 10:45 am-12:00 pm for this one of a kind collaboration. Each Saturday will focus on one element at a time, including connected meditation, oils, and stones.

Join us for any and all four classes! There is a discount at sign up for the whole series. ( 9/07, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28)

INVESTMENT: $28/ drop in or $100/ full series


HIMALAYAN GLOW: A Sattva Yoga Journey

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 3:00- 5:30 PM

In this two and half hour yogic journey with Master Teacher Erin Housholder, you will experience yoga in its most comprehensive offerings. Harmonizing asana, breath work, dynamic meditation and sound, Sattva Yoga brings you ancient yogic techniques developed in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains of India, the birthplace of yoga.

Sattva is for anyone interested or curious, so all are welcome.




& Sound Bath


Rama returns just in time for the Autumnal Equinox.

Welcome to holistic healing at its finest! Rama will lead us using a array of crystal bowls, gongs, didgeridoos, flutes, and drums to hit the full range of frequency and feeling.

This sound bath is one of a kind experience featuring the Pandora Star, a light machine that opens a door as a shortcut to a trancelike state. People see various colors, fractals, and geometric designs with the combination of auditory and visual tones. Learn more about the Pandora Star here:

There will be a unique opportunity for you to participate in creating healing vibrations for yourself and others! *donation based event



A Gathering of Light

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 2:00- 3:30 PM

A Discussion and Natal Chart Insight

with Astrologer, Lotus Lee

Here's your opportunity to understand what the Age of Aquarius means and to enlighten your sense of belonging. Discover your personal connection to the universal whole.